Class Action Lawsuit Accuses Genentech of Exploiting Cancer Patients to Increase Profits.

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Hold Genentech accountable  for taking advantage of sick people that rely on their medications. 

Biotechnology giant Genentech is accused of exploiting cancer patients by packaging cancer medications in vials that are too large for most patients. Because the unused portion of the medications cannot be safely stored after the first use, the excess must be discarded.  Genentech, however, charges and is paid for all the medication regardless of the amount that must be discarded. 

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“When patients are at their lowest point, fighting tooth and nail just to live another day, Genentech gouges them for drugs the company knows the patient will never use. Genentech needs to be held accountable for taking advantage of some of the sickest people in our country just so it can increase revenue."

- Lead attorney Mike Arias of Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos.

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• Overpayment for medication
• Delay in treatment due to cost


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